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Custom SkateBoard Team Members

Kirk Pitts

This is ME!. Ed and I were the original creators of the skateboards and Rip Hanks and Mark Kerr were Charter members. I started skating as a 2nd grader in 1967. Broke my arm and didn't skate again until about 8th grade in 1973/1974. I was mostly into ramps and pools and freestyle skating.

Custom SkateBoard Team Members

Ed McManus

Ed and I were the original creators of the skateboards and we made our skateboards in his garage.He started skating around 1973/1974 also. He was mostly into freestyle skating with a speciality of longboard freestyle. He could do a one-foot tail wheelie forever.

Custom SkateBoard Team Members

Rip Hanks

I meet Rip Hanks in high school. He sat in front of me and I could see his skateboard under his chair. We starting bringing our boards to school and skating during lunch. He unofficially held the skateboard Hi-jump record at one time. He could clear 5' 11" jumping from and landing on the same board.

Custom SkateBoard Team Members

Mark Kerr

Mark was an awesome slalom skater. He skated with the team for a few years but I've lost track with him. (hey give me an email message if you ever see this)