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The Skate Rats

The Rat Hole

The Rat Hole was a great pool in downtown Pensacola at an old and at the time closed down motel. The name of the motel was Townhouse Motor Court and for a time it was okay for us to skate and then they decided they didn't want us there. It was a gathering place for people from all around the area.

I am going to try to remember all the names of those who I knew that skated there: I hope I remember correctly.


Marty -- Excellent pool and freestyle skater. Incredibly smooth and talented skater. Could do almost everything and made it look easy.

Don- Great guy and fun. Once skated the pool with a towel Cape, and would try to grab an OJ box at the top of his kickturn. Very good using the pool as a half-pipe.


Cam- Wild and Crazy guy, total go for it attitude. Great skater. Saw years later skating in the Daytona area skating a park.

Freddy Coury aka lil Freddy (click the picture for more photos)

Lil Freddy in Skate boarder


Jamey Jones:

Great freestyler and fluid wall and pool skater.
Lil Freddy in Skate boarder